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Covid19 Hotline

(844) 442-2681

I wanted to let you know some of the questions I've been asked and my responses.   


1. Why are so many people dying because of this virus.  COVID 19 is a coronavirus like the common cold.

We don't have a treatment because it is a new strand. They have to find medicine to try to treat it, but like the common cold it might not go away and stay away because viruses are able to change and resist treatment.  Like the flu, this virus can take over and kill you but like the flu, the people who are more susceptible to dying from  the virus are those with other medical problems.  Healthy children and Healthy young adults do better with the virus.  Eating healthy especially fruits and vegetables helps build your immune system to fight off illness.


2. There was a woman who was upset because she had symptoms but the ER would not test her.  The ER cannot get overwhelmed. If the person is not having trouble breathing or having an emergency problem they can't just test everyone.  Most all primary doctors have the ability to test for COVID19 now by doing a swab send out test when appropriate.   If someone has symptoms they should contact their primary doctor to see what they need to do to get tested.  if they are having trouble breathing or another emergency, then go to the ER.  In the next 1-2 weeks they are sending out tests that some primary doctors can do as preliminary tests in their offices and have preliminary results in 15-20 minutes.  They are working on medicine and a vaccine but those can take months so that is why it is important to try to have as few people catch the virus now because we do not yet have any medicine to help the virus go away.  The flu kills those most vulnerable every year, but at least we already have medicine to try to help it go away once we know what it is.  For this COVID 19  it is important  try to keep people from catching it


3  Staying at home does not mean you need to just stay in the house. You should take the kids outside at least 30 minutes to an hour each day.  The virus is not just blowing in the air.  You have to be around someone with the virus to catch it.  Avoid taking the kids in the stores because they touch everything.  That is why kids get sick more because they touch things and then put their hands in their mouths and ingest germs.


4.. How does the masks help.  Wearing a mask, even a material mask helps keep you from touching your own nose or mouth after you have touched something that has been contaminated and consequently introducing the virus through your mucous membranes.  Also when the virus first starts someone may cough or sneeze before knowing they are infected.  if you have a mask on you will not put your saliva particles into the air and contaminate everything in your vicinity.

I recommend wearing some type of mask or covering when going to stores or around people in public.


It is important to wash your hands anytime after you leave your house, because germs can be on anything you touch and you want to wash the germs off.  Using hand sanitizer helps if you cannot wash your hands, but you need to make sure the sanitizer gets on all surfaces of your hands.


5.  Is this  as serious as they make it seem. Yes it is as serious as you hear that people are dying everyday.  But the virus needs a person to stay alive.  Once the saliva with the virus lands on a surface it will only live a while then it will dry up and die.  The purpose of the social distancing is to not allow the virus to find  another person to live in and keep traveling and killing people.


6.  What to do about work and food.  Use the money you have to buy food and necessities. Water, gas and electricity will not be turned off.  Once everyone can get back to work, companies will have to work out a payment plan with people to get the utility bills paid


6.  When parents ask about the home schooling, i recommend they put the kids on a school schedule during the school week, meaning get up  at least by 7:30am or 8, eat breakfast and get started with online school.  Write out a schedule for time to work on each subject, time for snack, time for exercise at least 1 hour a day, lunch, can include game or tv time.  Give each thing a time and keep the child on schedule during the school week, as much as possible,  also put them to bed probably within the hour of what their bedtime was when they were in actual school.  The kids are used to and will do better with being on a schedule.  Tape it to the refrigerator.  Can also put up a calendar with reminders of when things are due.  Weekends  they can do their relaxed weekend schedule.


7 i encourage parents to have a game or activity time with their kids and to exercise with their kids


8 If you are panicking and feeling hopeless, Pray because that is where your hope comes from.  This is not a surprise to God and he is able to take care of us through this.  Just as you get in a  car and could die in an accident, or the flu comes and causes death, everything is in God's hands and that is what we need to teach our children so that they know who to turn to for hope, as they go through things in their future, and that they understand that God is the answer.

How to make a face mask from a any folded rectangular piece of material and 2 rubber bands

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